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As we have stated from the start; hand selecting timber is the key ingredient to producing high quality, long lasting personalised chopping boards.

First we sourced the best, most durable and elegant timber the world has to offer. Namely, North American hardwoods grown by the Amish in the Appalachian Region of New England and Vermont. These timbers, are the ideal choice for wooden chopping board construction. Simply because, they are extremely hard! Durability is a good start, then its a case of drying the timber right the way down to 7/8% moisture content.

This means the wood is perfectly dried to exist in a warm working kitchen environment, any more will very quickly loose that extra moisture content and you will find your personalised chopping board will move considerably. If you leave the moisture content over this amount, past 15/20% you are also going to have issues.

I have been repeatably asked, “I want a one piece chopping board for my kitchen”, this is not a good idea! I get it, a huge slab of one piece timber does look impressive, but you put it into an environment that is moist, warm and is in contact with water and oil from the word go, that pretty, flat, one piece of timber will turn into a banana very quickly, even if it has been thoroughly dried!

So, having good quality timber is a great starting point. It is then down to the way we put these parts together. Cutting the timber into the right size pieces, these are 45mm thick and no wider than 100mm. Normally, around 70mm is perfect! Getting them into line and being the gluing preparation.

The process requires patients and care. The glue is water proof and once hardened, stronger than the wood itself. This is done in a industrial hydraulic glue press, which put the glue timber joins under enormous pressure. This can not be achieved by regular hand clamps on a table, once the pieces of wood are pressed together they are left to dry overnight, making sure our kitchen cutting boards are truly ready.

Making our Personalised Chopping Boards at

It is a rewarding sight. Beautiful timber cleaned, prepped and glued together ready to be turned into our stunning personalised chopping boards. You can’t go wrong, all of our handmade personalised chopping boards receive the same care and attention to detail. It’s the only way to ensure our customers receive something truly special and constructed beyond anything else you will find on the market. We want to be the best chopping board manufacture in the world and this is precisely how we do it!

Every single piece of oak, maple, walnut and cherry you see here is hand selected for it flawless character and natural beauty. We pick up a piece of timber – we look at it – we check it – making sure it is right for production. It is a simple but very effective process.

Making our Personalised Chopping Boards at

The joins are as close to invisible as we can get them. It is always on our mind to create joined kitchen boards that look like they are made from one piece. The same rules apply, even when we are scaling the same procedure up to the sizes of a kitchen worktop or coffee table. This solid English Oak coffee table features a 3.5cm thick super stave top of exceptional quality.

Just goes to show, no matter what we create we make sure it is perfect right the way down to a simply little kitchen platter or serving board.

Making our Personalised Chopping Boards at

Making our Personalised Chopping Boards at

We really do love what we do here at Make Me Something Special and everything we make be it our cheese boards, bread boards, carving boards or smaller serving boards, they all start off life in the same fashion. All there is left to do is cut them to size, cut out the handles and engrave those personalised words… Just Fabulous. As with all things in life – “you get what you pay for” and quality handmade products is worth that extra few pounds.

Making our Personalised Chopping Boards at

If you would like us to make you a very special personalised wooden chopping board, then please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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