Bespoke Woking Golf Club Score Card Holder

Whilst many of the products we make at Make Me Something Special can be seen and personalised on our website, a lot of the bespoke gifts we make are often made for just one customer. As a result, a lot of our most unique and creative products are unseen to our online customers and website visitors.

When it comes to wooden desk organisers and trays, we are regularly challenged with creating something bespoke that houses some kind of unique belonging or appliance. We were recently contacted by Woking Golf Club, who needed an attractive, high quality oak stand to hold their Golf Course score cards.

They wanted the card holder to be engraved with their intricate club logo. So, we carved this into the front centre face of the card holder where it was clearly visible.

The oak holder was specified in this style and shape to hold their gold score cards. We were given dimensions and a drawing for us to copy. The 2 slots in the angular part of the oak holder are for the cards and the front groove for things like brochures and leaflets.

We have a huge selection of wooden desk organisers and trays on the website, all designed for housing different things. Phones, tablets, keys, coins, paper, pens, letters and everything else you want to keep safe somewhere memorable. We even make desk organisers with a wireless phone charging port. And, of course, you can personalise all of these products with an engraving of your choice.

The desk organisers are available in Oak or Walnut – both of which are stunning, furniture-grade hardwoods. And, there are a number of different styles and designs available. You can even include an engraved special message on the underneath of the desk organiser. This is ideal if you’re buying as a gift for a loved one.

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If you’d like to talk to us more about having something bespoke made, don’t hesitate to call us or get in touch via our contact form. We’re always open to trying new designs, and we’re able to produce almost anything in terms of style and size.

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