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Personalised Wooden Wine Box

Take a look at our personalised wooden wine box selection. These wine boxes are great if you’re looking for a high quality gift with a lot of originality. Shop Wine Boxes For this special commission we had to dabble in the art of fine box making. This beautiful oak wine...
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Fingerprint Impression Blocks

MakeMeSomethingSpecial were recently contacted with a brief to make something completely unique, that was perfect as a gift, using the same style but something unlike we were already making, something that no one had ever done before. Are only instructions were it had to be small, something intended to display in a...
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Our New Personalised Wooden Lap Tray

We have been busy!!! …and we have a new font. Shop Wooden Trays  You have to admit – it is very pretty! If you were wondering, this is one of our new products. It is our personalised engraved solid oak lap tray with folding legs. It is basically the same...
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Personalised Wooden Wall Height Charts

It is official! You can now buy the original classic – the Make Me Something Special personalised wooden wall height chart. We were the very first company to come up with this style of wall chart with engraved gauge lines and numbers along with family names carved at the top....
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Butchers Block Islands

Our Butchers Block Islands are here…. We have been making end grain chopping boards for sometime now and have very recently introduced a handmade hardwood stand to go with them. We have spent a long time refining our butcher’s block chopping boards. This image below is of a bespoke made...
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Walnut End Grain Chopping Boards

Our American Black Walnut is such a stunning timber. Walnut end grain chopping boards: End grain chopping boards are very hygienic, hard wearing, kinder to knife blades and absolutely stunning. We have just added to our range of end grain chopping blocks, as with our long grain chopping boards, you...
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Personalised Oak Tool Rack

Here’s our new addition to our revamped workshop. These personalised engraved magnetic oak wall racks are basically our personalised oak key racks. Same thickness, height, but this is quite a bit longer and like our oak knife wall rack, we have mounted the magnets towards to bottom of the wall...
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Hand Carved Oak Acorn Finial

A few months ago we were making a personalised oak height chart for a customer. That day during a lunchtime break, the workforce were sat eating lunch as usual but one of the team was sat quietly by himself with nothing but a scrap of oak and a Stanley blade...
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Engraved Oak Bookends

Here at Make Me Something Special we have been making engraved oak bookends in our Surrey Hills workshop for several years now and have been commissioned to add beautiful engravings on them. Shop Bookends Our wooden Bookends are very thick and weighty, ideal for holding a vast stack of books without...
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Personalised Wooden Desk Organisers

We have a new personal favourite engraving in our personalised wooden desk organisers range. (&c. is the original way of writing ‘etc.’)   Shop Wooden Desk Organisers Don’t forget; we have two different compartment styles to choose from. Both have two phone holders in the middle but ‘option 1’ has two...
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Hand Carving in Oak and Height Charts

Mighty oaks from little Acorns grow… During lunch today one of our team sat quietly and carved from a scrap of English Oak a beautiful Acorn using only small carving knife. We had just be finishing moments earlier, one of our early original products which we last made back in...
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