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Wooden Honours Boards

You might have seem this carved crest before on some of our other bespoke wooden projects. The carving is of a local public school crest and this time we were asked to commission three very large solid oak Honours boards. Shop Honours Boards The boards were all bespoke made to...
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Personalised Wooden Christmas Gifts

Christmas is coming! Need a unique gift…? This is our new Personalised Christmas gift for 2015. It is an understatement, but we love Christmas here at Make Me Something Special. We love putting up the Christmas tree, early sometimes, the roasting of chestnuts and the smell of the scented candles…...
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Personalised Expresso Cup Board

Personalised wooden gifts with engraved lettering is what we do… and that includes handwriting. Something customers often ask is, “Can you carve my handwritten onto wood?” and the answer is “Yes we can!”. All you have to do is email or post us a your handwriting and we do the rest....
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Personalised Wooden Egg Racks

Our New Personalised Wooden Egg Racks: Looking for a unique way to keep your eggs together in one place…? Your going to love this!!! These are our new and absolutely stunning engraved wooden egg racks for the wall of your kitchen. Any chef or cook will tell you that eggs...
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Carved Shield Wall Plaque

 Carved Shield Wall Plaque: 1 handcrafted coat of arms, delivered to France in just 5 days. Make Me Something Special bespoke works. We very much enjoy creating something new and individual, be it a small wooden ring box, an extra large carving board, a 5th wedding anniversary wall plaque or...
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Logo Carved in Wood

One thing we offer here at Make Me Something Special is a manner of carved symbols and images. We have several set as standard ready to add to the product of your choice, but there is always room for special touches of your own. Take a look at this recent...
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Personalised Oak Leaf

We’ve made so many different bespoke wooden gifts over the years, including many green burial markers or headstones, wooden commemorative plaques and memorial plaques. Very recently we were asked to produce a simple and very decorative engraved oak leaf as a memorial plaque for a customer. The text was sent to us on...
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5th Anniversary Wall Plaques

Here was have some examples of our new 5th wedding anniversary wall plaques. These stunning solid English Oak personalised wall plaques make the best for your wife or husband on your 5th anniversary. Shop for Plaques So simply yet so effective. We have set out the first few lines, 5...
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Personalised Walnut Wine Box

We currently make the finest personalised wooden wine boxes on the market. Constructed form solid English Oak, these beautiful wooden wine boxes make a perfect gift for that someone special or to mark a special occasion like a birthday. Shop Wine Boxes  Until now we have only made solid oak...
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Handmade Wooden Board Games

We are often asked to make Mancala board games and its not hard to see why, they are such a great family game, any age can play. This is a traditional African board game, some historians believe the oldest game in the world. There are hundreds of different variations to the...
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Personalised Round Wooden Plaque

These personalised round wooden plaques make a great addition to a family home in literally any room you put them in. Plus, they have so many personalised engraving options for you to add in order to make them truly personal and unique.  You can add dates, names, and if you...
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Engraved in Wood – Pictures/Images

Here at Make Me Something Special, it is becoming an every day occurrence to carve an image, logo, crest, coat of arms, picture or specific font. And it is always a joy to answer ‘Yes’ when we are asked if we can create something special engraved in wood. We love...
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