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Personalised Curved Wooden Bench with Hand Carving

Take a look at this very special curved wooden bench! When it come to our beautiful personalised wooden gifts for weddings and 5th wedding anniversaries, we often get asked – how do we engrave our products, is it by hand or by machine? The truth is… we use both! We...
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Carved Military Display Plaque

If you’re familiar with the personalised wooden gifts we make here at MakeMeSomethingSpecial, you’ll have seen our personalised wooden wall plaques before. But there are no doubt a number of plaques we’ve made that you haven’t seen before. As well as the wooden plaques we have available in the shop,...
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Bespoke Wooden Business Signs: Coffee Box

One thing we’re complimented on regularly is the high quality bespoke wooden signs. As well as making personalised signs for houses and home owners, we also make bespoke wooden business signs for shops, hotels, B&Bs, cafes, restaurants, pubs, parks and clubs. These particular custom wooden business signs are hand-crafted from...
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Bespoke Wall Plaque for The Beatrix Potter Foundation

Here’s one commission I simply have to tell you about… The unique wooden engraved wall plaque we made for the Beatrix Potter Foundation. Shop Plaques You can’t beat a really good quality oak wall plaque. We have made thousands of them to date from back when we first began in...
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Engraved Bespoke Wooden Plaque for The National Trust

Take a look at one of our engraved bespoke wooden plaques, commissioned for The National Trust. This plaque is in Chartwell and hangs in Sir Winston Churchill’s painting room. It’s a truly beautiful piece of wooden wall art, handmade from solid English Oak with a beautiful grain and carved with...
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Dubarry Boots Boot Rack

Shop Welly Stands We’ve been commissioned to make uniques and personalised gifts for many well establish companies over the years. This time, it was for Dubarry Boots of Ireland. If you’re not familiar with boots made by Dubarry, they’re a very high quality boot and footwear company from Ireland. If you’re the...
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Island Poke Engraved Indoor Wooden Swing

Island Poke Engraved Indoor Wooden Swing These engraved oak swings are fantastic for outdoor fun, but we are also asked, from time to time, to create indoor engraved wooden swings. Like for Island Poke, who have ordered several of these very beautiful hanging wooden swings, complete with their engraved company logo.   Shop Swings  These...
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Engraved Wooden Burial Markers

MakeMeSomethingSpecial’s Engraved Wooden Burial Makers This is something we never planned to get into. With engraving, there is always going to be links towards memorial and ceremonial work as people want something that lasts, is instantly readable and creates an immediate statement. With wood being so tactile and warm in...
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Engraved Wooden Reindeer

Engraved Wooden Reindeer: No doubt you recognise this figure. This recent commission, a set of engraved wooden reindeer was ordered for a wedding display. The little stand alone wooden reindeer had to do just that – stand up by themselves, even though the details were thin, such as the antlers...
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A selection of bespoke personalised garden swings

Shop Garden Swings  One thing we do well here at MakeMeSomethingSpecial is bespoke work. We love it! It makes life in the workshop so much more interesting and personalised garden tree swings is something that pops up quite regularly on our to-do list.   Ok, this first image doesn’t look...
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