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Carved Shield Wall Plaque

 Carved Shield Wall Plaque:

1 handcrafted coat of arms, delivered to France in just 5 days.

Make Me Something Special bespoke works. We very much enjoy creating something new and individual, be it a small wooden ring box, an extra large carving board, a 5th wedding anniversary wall plaque or engraved oak tea light holder with some unique carved image, we approach every special commission with the same thought in mind – It has to be special.

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If you are looking for a carved coat of arms, logo or crest, this is something we are very at home in doing

Make Me Something Special have been manufacturing engraved wooden plaques with bespoke carvings for many years now, and have recreated many stunning works into solid wood.

The Portman Bertley Estate Serving Board with engraved Coat of Arms:



3D Carved Crest set inside a handmade oak coffee table:

Engraved wooden box:

The quality of the carved motifs is clear to see, simply because every detail is cut with considerable care, attention to detail and precision.

This is due to the such high quality Amish timber we use, also the cutters we use aren’t just you basic, off the shelf cutters. We use custom made diamond tipped cutters which are also used by companies like Maclean and Roles Royce.

This particular wooden shield shaped plaque is made form our hand selected Amish American Black Walnut. 45mm thick solid, super stave construction, meaning several full length pieces of timber glued together, creating a very stable, durable board.

The dimensions were 40cm wide x 60cm in length.

Any plaque we make will come fitted with our invisible screw head fixings, so no screw or any other fittings on show.

The finish of our wooden wall plaques is second to none. Our personalised wooden gifts go through a rigorous finishing process, all completely by hand in our Surrey Hills Workshop. Then we apply several coats of Liberian Superior Danish Oil, sanding in-between coats to make the completed finish so silky smooth.

If you are looking for a handmade wooden crests or coat of arms plaques, then send us a message via our contact form or give us a call on 01252 703196.

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